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There is something different about this place

As we have stepped out in faith and following what God has called us to do, by opening Walk of Faith reStored, we have seen lives being changed. We have the unique opportunity to meet people right where they are, to engage in conversation with them, to reach people that may never walk through the doors of a traditional church and tangibly show them the love of Jesus.

We have had numerous people say to us, "there is something different about this place", we have had people come to shop that just wander around the showroom floor for an hour or two, and finally meet with us at the check out counter where we get to share with them, we even had a women recently say to us "I love resale shops, but that is not why I come in here. I come in here because of the peace I feel when I walk through the doors. I have to keep myself from coming over everyday." God is so good and has redefined our mission for this season, and what an honor to be a tiny part of what our God is doing!

By supporting Walk of Faith House in any way, you are directly benefiting the people we get to connect with on a daily basis. Through your giving we are able to serve these people in a unique way, meeting them where they are and inviting them to join us for small groups, for connection, for an outlet to know and experience Jesus!

As a non-profit ministry, community support, your support is essential. We can't do it without you!

Please prayerfully consider making a donation today and helping us bring Freedom in Jesus Christ to those we get to do life with. Walk of Faith is a 501(c) 3 organization and therefore donations are tax deductible.